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    She removes the “bafflement” which can be attendant to setting up a webpage and actually makes the process fun. I highly recommend Prudence and have always enjoyed working with her!

    Jessie ScottArtist

    Prudence is a rare breed: a highly capable, technically proficient programmer with excellent communication skills and a sense of humour.

    Eugenia LimArtist

    Prudence was recommended to me by another performing arts company, one of only a few whose website I admired! She has an incredible aesthetic sense and is a fantastic listener, which is crucial in a website creator as so often it is challenge for us as clients to visualize and articulate our needs and wants. She works fast and is an excellent communicator. She also - invaluably - taught me that a website can be a living, breathing thing and how to practice giving it that attention. She's the best!

    Annie SaundersDirector, Wilderness