We’ve developed a process which is fast and cost effective, designed to get you online in just one day with ease.

The How

Likeness streamlines the programming process by empowering our clients.

Our system guides you confidently through the creation of a complete creative brief for your project, designed to anticipate all the necessary assets we’ll need before walking it through the web building wringer.

The Why

With Likeness, you control your own destiny.

By taking ownership of your own vision, you help us eliminate the common (and costly) stumbling blocks of project management — eliminating the endless back and forth, etc. — so we can stay focused on what we do best.

The When

Likeness works best when you know what you want. If you’ve got an unmistakeable idea, some basic branding and the drive to launch quickly, we can get you up and running in a work day.

For more complex concepts, we also offer three- and five-day packages.

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Here’s what you need to do:


Preparation is key. We provide comprehensive checklists and guidelines so you can prepare your website’s copy, media and style preferences. We ask you about your audience and goals to make sure your website will really work for you.


Book you website in with us to be built. Our experts assemble and customize your website. We check in with you in the morning, midday and at the end of the day, so it’s important that you’re available to give feedback. You can even check progress in real time!


Pop the proverbial champagne! All we need is the thumbs up and we can go a head and launch your site ready for you to share.

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